We deal in the collection, transport and final disposal of hazardous residue. The foundation of our commitment is the environmental responsibility we have acquired since the beginning of our activities, and our principal aim is to contribute with the care of the natural environment.

La Ecológica del Sur, as authorized Transporter certified by the National Secretary of Environment and Sustainable Development and by the Organization of Sustainable Development of the Province of Buenos Aires undertakes to provide its services complying strictly with all laws in force.

In order to carry out, legally and efficiently with these activities La Ecológica del Sur has its own vehicles compliant with the rules that the competent Authorities require.

What do we do?

Our job is to render the best service to our clients in a frame of respect to the environment.

We have a large fleet of trucks for collecting special residue, with a highlight in used oil, contaminated solid materials and industrial mud.

For carrying out our job we use the safety and hygienic tools and instruments required to operate as such.

At the moment of withdrawal of the hazardous material we provide our clients with the necessary supporting documentation such as transport manifest and the certificate of final disposal within the established time frame.

We firmly believe that all of us together can make a better environment, for a healthy world for us and our children.


• Hazardous Residue Y8 (Used oil)
• Hazardous Residue Y48 (Used filters, rags and others contaminated with hydrocarbons)
• Hazardous Residue Y9 (Mud and water contaminated with hydrocarbons)


• In each specific load withdrawn the corresponding Manifest will be issued and thereafter, once the Treatment of Hazardous Residue is concluded, the Certificate of Final Disposal will be issued

• The pickup of the materials will be made with the frequency defined by the client. The material must be stored in metal drums or similar containers suitable for transport.

Quality Policy

La Ecológica del Sur S.A. through this policy makes a quality commitment regarding its services of recycling of oil, industrial mud and management of hazardous residues, as well as all our internal processes, ensuring them and establishing the following principles.

• Plan each service to ensure its accomplishment as from the first time.

• Grant flexibility, swiftness and continuous improvement of our services for each client.

• Promote confidence and operational capacity in our staff, by constant training and encouraging.

• Maintain and improve the quality management system under the standards of the ISO 9000 series.

La Ecológica del Sur S.A. understands that the quality of their services and processes is indispensable to achieve the satisfaction of their current clients and allow to expand the list, with the consequent improvement of the operational results of the company.

This, in a surrounding in which the employees of La Ecologica del Sur enjoy the satisfaction of working with one of the major suppliers of environmental solutions in the country.

The Administration understands this policy as a great part of the business, and makes sure of its dissemination, comprehension and fulfillment.

Environment Policy

La Ecológica del Sur S.A. undertakes to care for the environment in which the services of recycling of oils, industrial mud and management of hazardous residue are rendered, as it believes that this is best for the present and future of a society where we all work and live, our clients, our employees and other interested parties. The following are the guidelines of this process.

• To comply with the applicable environmental laws and all voluntary commitments.

• Maintain and improve the Environment Management system to assure the compliance with this policy.

• Establish aims and targets consistent with this policy and that may enable a continuous improvementa.

• Develop programs of pollution prevention and of responses in case of emergencies.

• - Train, encourage and commit the members of the organization and their contractors to act responsibly towards the environment and make rational use of material and energy resources.

The Administration understands this policy as a great part of the business, and makes sure of its dissemination, comprehension and fulfillment.